TILT NEXUS, the World's TOP Entrepreneur Community

Join THOUSANDS of Entrepreneurs and Business Owners EMPOWERING themselves to make a LASTING IMPACT


Entrepreneurship is tough and lonely. 

We say: NO MORE. 

TILT NEXUS is a free app for entrepreneurs to learn and network, offering connections with investors, VCs, business consultants, and veteran and serial entrepreneurs. 

Think of it like a less-noisy, less-spammy, AI-supported version of Linkedin, but with more community events, like-minded people and useful content. 

We have free 24/7 networking, and offer a range of recorded content and over 30 live in-app live streams every month with workshops, coaching, consulting and mentoring. 80% of the live streams and content will be free, forever. 

Our mission: To bring global experts together to better support entrepreneurs lacking the resources for regular coaching, consulting or mentorship.

We bring trailblazers together to inspire and empower each other, so that we can achieve unparalleled success and make a lasting impact on the world.

24/7 community networking

✅ 30+ live streams a month

✅ 2000+ video library on branding, marketing and more

✅ Daily community challenges to help you drive your business to the next level 


Our VIP membership offers virtual co-work and brainstorm incubators, access to industry experts, and on-going marketing and branding support from £47/month. 

This membership helps us keep the rest of the project free to access.

✅ A 12-month Brand bootcamp, designed to push your brand to the next level, by giving you the tools that top global companies use and the knowledge to use them. 
Hundreds of video podcasts, right in the TILT NEXUS, for you to gain knowledge and wisdom from those in the industry, and learn how your community members are changing the world, one service offering at a time.
✅ An ADHD support hub, including a 12-month transformative journey designed to empower individuals with ADHD to embrace their unique strengths, overcome challenges, and unlock their full potential.

How you benefit from TILT NEXUS

🔥 Beat the entrepreneur blues with a live chat and live streams 

🔥 Eliminate the Echo Chamber with more diverse points of view

🔥 Build deeper, meaningful relationships, not wide and shallow networks 

🔥 Kick burnout to the curb with work/life balance techniques that work 

🔥 Never fall behind on emerging tech, because Désiré is a tech nerd 

🔥 Find accountability partners who aren’t afraid to tell you the truth

🔥 Support a community that’s driven to help entrepreneurs in developing countries

Why so many things? 

Entrepreneurs aren't just one thing, they're multi-faceted, so having a solution that only offers one type of support isn't effective. Business owners, founders and entrepreneurs aren't the same, but they all have one thing in common: they're making the hard decisions. They're the captains of the high seas. And like all crews, TILT NEXUS has a variety of support avenues to keep the mission afloat. 

Why I built the Nexus 

You will never find another community that gives this much value to its members, free of charge, with a founder who cares this much.

Join now, and never look back.